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Our Conveyor Tray Cart holds up to 10 bins. This cart allows retail stores with conveyors to realize the benefits and increased efficiencies of our Opti-Cart system. The 6″ deep bins are large enough to accommodate any product category. The bins are able to nest and stack; when used upside down the top functions as a lockable lid. Dividers and separators are available as additional accessories that assist in keeping the products organized.

  • Improved back-room organization
  • Reduced time and labor for shelf replenishment
  • Decreased inventory levels through product mobility
  • Adaptable to merchandise characteristics
  • Bins simply slide on and are easy to access
  • No tools required for assembly and disassembly
  • Compact design for in-aisle maneuverability
  • Tested and rated for 1,100 lb. stationary; 650 lb. in motion
  • Molded plastic will not fade, dent or discolor

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    • Dimensions (W x L): 23.62″ x 32.4″
    • Load Capacity Static: 1,100 lb.
    • Total Height: 60.25″
    • Load Capacity Dynamic: 650 lb.
    • Effective Height: 52.25″
    • Weight as shown: 75 lb