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The 23″ DC-Cart moves totes and bulky products safely while eliminating product damage; as well as significantly shortening your delivery time. The reusable cart was engineered to utilize the maximum foot-print available on a trailer.

  • Rapid loading and unloading for bulk goods
  • Maximum cube utilization on 99” wide trailer
  • Straps or net secure load and prevent product damage
  • Optional shelves separate product
  • Reusable equipment: No disposal of pallets or shrink-wrap
  • Can compress 5 to 1 to reduce storage/return footprint
  • Different caster configurations available
  • Compact design for front door delivery
  • Tested and rated for 1,100 lb. stationary; 650 lb. in motion
  • Black molded plastic will not fade, dent or discolor

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    • Dimensions (W x L): 23.62″ x 32.4″
    • Load Capacity Static: 1,100 lb.
    • Load Capacity Dynamic: 650 lb.
    • Total Height: 75″
    • Weight as shown (w/o shelf): 60 lb
    • Effective Height: 67″