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OptiCart-Bulk Shelf
OptiCart-Bulk Shelf With Net

The bulk cart is used to transport full cases from your distribution center to your point of sale. This reusable solution is designed to quickly and safely move bulky products without product damage.

  • Rapid loading and unloading for bulk goods
  • Straps or net secure load and prevent product damage
  • Optional shelves separate product
  • Reusable equipment: No disposal of pallets or shrink-wrap
  • Can compress 6 to 1 to reduce storage/return footprint
  • Different caster configurations available
  • Compact design for front door delivery
  • Tested and rated for 1,100 lb. stationary; 650 lb. in motion
  • Comprehensive two year warranty
  • Black molded plastic will not fade, dent or discolor
  • Bases are LEED® certified
  • Available in 23” and 28” width

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