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The OptiCage was developed to safely ship and store valuable items and hightheftproducts. This lockable, heavy duty cage protects your merchandise from unauthorized access while keeping it visible for quick replenishment. Thanks to its modular construction, the opti cage is quickly assembled and easily maintained.

  • Holding capacity of 71 cubic feet
  • Tested and rated for 1,100 lb. stationary; 650 lb. in motion
  • 6 heavy duty casters provide easy maneuverability
  • Various caster configurations available
  • Hinged cargo nets with velcro closure to secure load
  • Reusable equipment: No disposal of pallets or shrink-wrap
  • Comprehensive two year warranty
  • Black molded plastic will not fade, dent or discolor
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Bases are LEED® certified

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  • Dimensions (W x L): 57″ x 32″
  • Load Capacity Static: 1,100 lb.
  • Total Height: 75″
  • Load capacity: Dynamic: 650 lb.
  • Effective Height: 67″
  • Weight (as shown w/o shelf): 68 lb.